How to verify the FSSAI License Number Online?

Food business operators in India should follow the FSSAI instruction such as the food safety audit conducted in food serving, importing, manufacturing and storing across India. Regular inspection of FSSAI registration and FSSAI license among the food business operations in India.

Every food business operator in India must obtain an FSSAI food license online before starting their business. It is mandatory to mention the FSSAI license number on the product and within the premises.

However, if you want to check and verify the FSSAI license number and do a validity check. In order to check the validity of the FSSAI license number, we must first know the structure of the FSSAI license number.

How Does FSSAI License Number Look Like?
The 14 digits FSSAI license number is issued to all types of food business operators in India. Basically, there are three different types of FSSAI registration are done depending upon the scale of the business. These FSSAI license 14-digits numbers are divided into 5 groups. Each group represents and shares information regarding the type of food business, that differentiates a business from each other and thus FSSAI authority recognizes the category of food business operator.

How To Check FSSAI License Number Online?
Steps to check FSSAI license number online:-

Step 1: Visit the FSSAI government portal

Step 2: Search and Click to FBO search option

Step 3: Enter your FSSAI License Number & click on the “Submit” button,

Step 4: A new webpage will appear, showing complete details of food business operators with validity.

If you are a food business operator & your FSSAI License number validity is over then you can apply for FSSAI License renewal or you are starting a new food business then you can obtain new FSSAI Registration.